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Ben Farinazzo standing victorious after winning gold at Invictus Games Sydney 2018.


Ben’s story is more than just a life story; it stands as a reminder of the unconquerable human spirit within us all.

Highlighting the importance of mental health awareness, the power of community, and the unwavering support of family, Ben's journey is a testament to resilience and hope.


Organisations such as the Australian War Memorial, Lifeline Australia, Soldier On Australia, Invictus Australia, and Rowing Australia have shared Ben's story, highlighting aspects of service, mental health and wellbeing, the healing power of sport, and indoor rowing. 

Learn more about Ben's story, Australian peacekeeping, or more inspiring stories from the Invictus Games, from the resources, videos, and podcasts available below.

Watch: The Inspiring Australian Story of Ben Farinazzo
 (Courtesy: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Listen: Ben's Story of Holding onto Hope
 (Courtesy: Lifeline Australia, M.J. Bale and Soldier On Australia)

Ben Farinazzo Lifeline Australia Holding onto Hope Podcast
Ben Farinazzo & M.J.Bale Mindful Men Podcast
Ben Farinazzo The Soldier On Podcast
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